HBS SnapOFF screws systems

For the fixation of intra-articular fractures, the HBS system offers two screw types with different compression (Standard/High Compression).  


Due to their cannulation, the screws can be inserted via a 1 mm guide wire, which eliminates the need for a targeting device and allows percutaneous insertion. As the screws are inactive and fully retractable, they are the ideal implant for intra-articular or near-joint use.

HBS Snap screws systemHBS Snap screws sets

Informations / Products

Scaphoid fractures, Carpal fractures and pseudoarthroses, Metacarpal fractures, Distal radius fractures (articular fragments).
Stylar process fractures of the ulna, Proximal radial head fractures, Capitellum fractures, Humeral head fractures, Fractures of the cavitas glenoidalis.
Intercarpal fusions, metatarsal osteotomies, tarsal fusions, patellar fractures, osteochondral fractures, dens fractures and mandibular fractures.
Instrument and implant set, sterilizing trays, self-drilling and selftapping screws, titanium DIN ISO 5832-3 (Weil osteotomy).
Cannulated screw, Capscrews, Head screw, Pitch compression, Proximal metatarsal osteotomies, Distal, Scarf osteotomy, Small bone fusion.



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