Orthopedic implants and traumatology implants

We offer a complete range of traumatology implants, orthopedic implants and orthopedic instruments from Germany.

‌‌‌‌​ Mini fragment, small fragment and large fragment bone plates and bone screws made of titanium and steel.
‌‌‌‌​ Certified instruments and implants of osteosynthesis, orthopedics and traumatology.
‌‌‌‌​ Mini fragment 1.5mm / 2.0mm cortical screws standard and cortical screws self-tapping.
‌‌‌‌​ Small Fragment 2.7 / 3.5 / 4.0 mm Cortical Screws Standard and Screws Self Tapping, Spongiosa Screws with Partial Thread / Full Thread CE Certified Manufacturer
‌‌‌‌​ Large Fragment 4.5mm / 6.5mm Cortical Screws Standard and Cortical Screws Self Tapping, Malleolar Screws, Spongiosa Screws with 16mm Thread and 32mm Thread and Full Thread.
‌‌‌‌​ Cannulated screws 3,5 mm / 4,5 mm / 6,5 mm / 7,0 mm self-tapping with partial thread.

Fields of application

  • Mini fragment
  • Small fragment
  • Large fragment
  • DHS / DHPS plates
  • DCS plates
  • Cortical screws
  • Cancellous bone screws
  • Malleolar screws
  • canulated screws
  • lag screws

Informations / Products

mini fragment plates for 1,5 mm screws and 2,0 mm screws, small fragment plates for 2,7 mm screws, 3,5 mm screws and for 4,0 mm screws,
large fragment plates for 4,5 mm screws and 6,5 mm screws. Spongiosa screws fully Threaded and short Threaded, 16 mm Thread 32 mm thread.
reconstructive plates / reconstruction plates for Ø 3,5 mm screws and for Ø 4,5 mm screws. blade plates, Malleolar Screws, self cutting.

cortical screws, corticalis screws, cancellous screws, cannulated screws, DHS screws, DHPS screws, DCS screws, Lag screws and Compression Screws.
DHPS implants / DHS implants, DHS Hip Screw Plates, DCS plates / DCS Supracondylar Plates and Hip Plates Short Barrel. 130 degree, 135 degree,
145 degree, 150 degree. Thikness, width, hole spacing, ISO 5832-1, Titan screws, Titanium screws.

Mini Plate straight, H Plate, T Plate, L Plate, DCP Plates, LC/DCP Plate, Condylar-Plates, mini-DCP-Plates, L-Plates 90°, compression-Plates,

L-Plates oblique left. Adaption-Plates, Small Fragment DCP Plate, LC /DC P Compression-Plates, Multi Fragment-Plate, Quarter Tubular Plates,
1/3 Tubular Plates, 1/3 Tubular Plates with collar, T-Plates right angle, Cloverleaf Plate, T-Plates oblique, Clavicula Plate, DC P Compression Plates small,
LC /DCP Compression Plates small, DCP Compression Plates broad. LC /DCP Compression Plates broad, Semi Tubular Plates, L-Buttress Plates 
angled for right leg / left leg, T-Buttress Plates. T-Plate large, Spoon Plates, Distal Femoral Plates, lateral, Condylar Buttress Plates, Proximal Tibial Plates.

Lateral Tibial Head Buttress Plate, Distal Tibial Plates, Lengthening Plates broad 8 holes and 10 holes. Washers, Lengthening Plates small, reconstruction plates curved, Blade Plates for children, Infant Osteotomy Plates, Osteotomy Plates Adolescent, Condylar Plates small-stature, 95˚, Osteotomy Blade Plates 87˚, Angle Blade Plates 130˚, Osteotomy Blade Plates 110˚, Condylar Blade Plates 95˚, Adjustable Drill Guide, Targeting Device, Guide Wire, Lengthening Gauge, Triple Combination Reamer, Connecting Screw, Tap, Taps, T-handle, Centring Sleeve, Wrench with T-handle.

Drill With AO Connection, Drill with Round Shaft, Impactor, Drill, Three-Fluted, quick coupling, Countersink, Insert Drill Sleeve, Double Drill Sleeve, Triple Drill Sleeve, Drill Sleeve Neutral and offset, Universal Drill Sleeve, Protection Sleeve. Hexangonal Screwdriver, Screwdriver cannulated, Screwdriver Shaft, Holding Sleeves, Mini Quick Coupling Handle, Small T- Quick Coupling, T- handle Chuck, Jacobs chuck, Small Quick Coupling Handle. Depth Gauge 30 mm with Protection Sleeve, Depth Gauge, Stagbeetle Forceps, Plate Holding Forceps.

Bone Holding Forceps, Reduction Forceps with Point, Verbrugge Self Centring Forceps, Farabeuf Forceps, Reduction Forceps Serrated Jaws,
Pelvic. Wire Cutter, Plate Cutter, Bending Iron, Bending Pliers, Large Bending Device, Bending Templates. Hohmann Retractor, Screw Holding Forceps,
Bone Hook T-handle, Sharp Hook, Extraction Pliers for Wires. Periosteal Elevator, Plate Tension Device, Compression Device, Wrench, Spiked Disk,
Soket Wrench, kardan. Bone nailing, Fracture, Implants Medical technology digimed Tuttlingen Germany .


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