Hip Nail Angle Plates & Instrument Sets

We offer a complete product range from osteotomy angle plates, hip nail implants to orthopedic instruments from digimed Medizintechnik in Tuttlingen.

‌‌‌‌ Hip nails and angled plates are used in orthopedic surgery to treat hip fractures. Hip fractures are treated on various methods, including dynamic hip screw, short intramedullary nail, cannulated screws, proximal AO femoral plate, sliding plates, and latched titanium plates.

Areas of application

  •  Hip Nails & Angle Plates Set
  • Hip Nails & Angle Plates Instruments
  • Hip Nails & Angle Plates for Children
  • Osteotomy Plates for Adolescents

Informations / Products

Full thread, partial thread, short thread, malleolar, instruments, screwdrivers, taps, drills, bone drills, drill sleeves, tissue protection sleeves. Handles, holding sleeves, AO connector, depth gauge, bone holding forceps, reduction forceps, bending irons, bending press.

Bending irons, plate clamps and aiming devices. Bone wire, Kirschner, nails, Schanz screws and bolt cutters. Reconstruction plates, osteotomy plates, angle plates.

Osteotomy angle plates set and instruments and traumatological hip nail implants by Digimed Medizintechnik


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