Intra Nail and Intra Splint

Intramed splints made of implant steel and titanium for elastic and stable intramedullary nailing (ESIN).
Instruments for opening the medullary cavity. Sliding nails for long bones.
intramedullary gliding nail. Intra-Nail or Intra-splint.

Intramed nails

The principle of the intramedullary Nailing is based on an apparent contradiction.
The Nailing of the medullary cavity with elastic nails is on the one hand flexible, on
the other hand sufficient stability for an early mobilisation. The negatively influencing
thrust and shearing energy is transformed into compressive and traction stress.
Through early excercises the new formation of the bone is stimulated.

Informations / Products

Intramed Nails are made of Implant steel and titanium. The implants are available in different diameters and lengths.
The atraumatic tip is formed as a skip, which guarantees a better gliding inside the corticalis. For the anchorage in the spongiosa bone the nail is sideways flat. The end of the nail is flat, therefore you can see in which direction the tip shows. After cutting the implant it could be necessary to put a protection cap on the end to prevent a irritation of the soft parts. Do not countersink the nail into the bone.
Awl 3 mm, Awl 4 mm, Awl with slotted sleeve, small Ø 1,5-3,0 mm, T-Handle with J-chuck and key, T-Handle self fixing, Hammer, with bore 400 gr.,
Intramed-Impactor complete, Slide with bore from Ø 3,0 mm, front cutter up to Ø 3,0 mm length 26 cm, Side cutter TC, angled, 22 cm,
Bolt cutter, 57 cm with detachable handles up to Ø 6,3 mm, Extracting forcps w. ratchet length 180 mm, Tray with fixation device for nails,
Titan- Nail Intra-Nail, Intra-Splint, Steel-Nail, intramedullarycolour coded anodized, Steel Nail Intra-Nail with TiN coating, Steel Nail Intra-Nail no coating, Supracondylar Nail Implant steel without coating.


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