Titanium Meshes / Titan Netze CMF

for oral and maxillofacial surgery in different titanium grades and desgins.
Titanium meshes for cranioplasty ( skull defect coverage ). Titanium meshes-implants for use in more complex skull defects, the fit of the titanium implants is created intraoperatively.
Skull implants for severe trauma with multiple fractures. Titan Netze CMF.

Titan Mesh

can be preformed to be easily adapted to the anatomical shape of the skull.

The different desgins differ in stability and flexibility.
Plate thickness between 0.1mm and 0.6mm

Informations / Products

Titanium meshes for the 2.0 mm system in various geometries and a plate thickness of 0.60 mm. Other plate thicknesses available.

The flexibility results from the different desgins of the meshes. By using different titanium grades 1-5 additional influence on the stability and bending properties.


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