Bulldog Clamps

Clamps for cardiac, vascular and thoracic surgery.
Vascular surgery instruments with atraumatic interlocking.
Cardiac surgery / Thoracic surgery / Vascular surgery

Vascular Clamps

Clamps for cardiac, vascular and thoracic surgery.
The atraumatic serration according to Cooley and De Bakey prevent the injury of the tissue / organs due to the special arrangement of the teeth when closing the jaws.

Informations / Products

Suction tubes, scalpels, knives, aortic punches, scissors, forceps, clamps, atraumatic vascular clamps, drape clamps, bronchus clamps, dissecting clamps, ligature clamps. lung grasping forceps, swab forceps, bowel grasping forceps, tissue grasping forceps, abdominal spatulas, retractors. rib contractors, lung spatulas, atrium hooks, needle holders, orthopedics, osteosynthesis. Gouge forceps, bone splinter forceps, sternum forceps, raspatories, bone wire, flat forceps, wire whirling forceps. side cutters, wire nippers, rib scissors, rib retractors, probes, dilators, vein strippers, ring strippers, varicose instruments. nerve hooks, vascular hooks, duradissectors, iris spatulas, septum elevator, suture catchers.

Common instrument names and authors

anatomical, atraumatic, closing pressure, veins, ateries

Diethrich, DeBakey Glover, Dieffenbach, De Barkey Mini, DeBakey Glover Satinsky, De Bakey Santulli, DeBakey Gregory Soft

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