SD ESR Screw Driver System

Modular, multifunctional implant removal system for orthopedics, traumatology and spine surgery.
In this screw removal set, 30 different screwdriver inserts are available so that you have the appropriate
have the right approach for every implant removal.
We offer you here inserts for the following screw types:
6 different cross-, cruciform- and slot-inserts
12 different HEX. attachments from 1.5 mm to 6.35 mm
12 different TX. Torx. attachments from T05 to T40

KS-Extractors for the removal of cold-welded screws
AS-Extractors for the removal of broken screws

Screw Driver System

  • Modular construction system
        Multifunctional instruments
        Double bit screwdriver for all bone screws on the market
        Extra long extractors for single stage removal of:

» Broken screws
» Cold welded screws

  • „Special components for the removal of rod-rod systems in spinal surgery

Information / Products

The SD ESR Screw Driver System set has been uncompromisingly developed for the safe and fast implant removal of cold-welded and broken screws.

By using a standard 1/4 inch coupling, all instruments can be combined with each other as required.
instruments can be combined with each other.
For particularly tight screws, use the eccentric removal rod. With this
instrument you achieve a significantly higher leverage than with the handles.
Thanks to the integrated drill adapter, you can also remove very long screws comfortably and quickly.

The double-bit screwdriver attachments are quickly and easily connected to the new quick-release adapter.
connected. The slim design is ideal for minimally invasive approaches.
In addition to the ease of use of the instruments, we have placed great emphasis on a lean and modular
modular design of the system.
Our tray modules have a width and length of just 236 X 236 mm and are particularly suitable for
cleaning by machine. This saves a lot of time after surgery.

Double bit screwdriver, Torx double bits, T-handle with ratchet function, I-handle with ratchet function,
Eccentric boring bar, Drill machine adapter for 3 jaw chuck, Quick release adapter for double bits.


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