Hand and Foot Implants

Implants and instruments for hand & foot. Distal Radius Plates and Plates for Hallux Valgus.
Bone plates and bone screws for Multidirectional Angular Stable Connection using splinting.
The multidirectional locking method allows a variance of 18-20° in some cases between angle stable plates
and angle-stable screw. The thread of the screw head locks with the bone plate.

Foot Surgery

for the "open-wedge" surgical technique of the hallux valgus primo-varus

for the arthrodesis of the MTP1 joint

distal radius plates


With the hand and foot titanium screws and anodized titanium plates, the bone is stabilized. In the case of flat-foot or flat-foot syndesmosis (pes planus), on the ankle joint or in the case of fractures and injuries in the foot area, plate osteosynthesis represents a possibility of osteosynthetic restoration of a fracture. The hand and foot plates and compression screws system is an anatomical locking plate system that adapts perfectly to the anatomy and biomechanics. The titan geometry is ideally suited for stabilizing and fixing small bone fragments in fresh fractures, revision procedures, joint fusion and reconstruction of small bones of the foot and ankle, especially in the osteopenic bone.

Titanium plates are used for bone repair in the clinical environment due to their high bone affinity. Volar titanium plates are used for the treatment of distal radius fractures. These plates are attached to the jump joints or fractures on the hand and foot and are made of titanium a lighter but more durable material. Studies show that metal plates can have an effect on the immune system and that metal residues are more likely to develop if the implant rubs against another surface. However, bone grows around the plates and embeds them too much to remove them easily.

Informations / Products

Radius plates, distal, drill block. Instruments and surgical set. Screwdriver handle silicone, screwdriver blade Torx7, insertion drill sleeve, Polyaxial insertion drill sleeve, depth gauge, Kirschner wire, screw gauge, twist drill with AO connection, screwdriver handle with AO quick coupling.

Angle-stable bone screws and angle-stable bone plates, multidirectional locking by means of threading
of the screw head. Angular stable plate holes for stable connection.

A distinction is made between 2 different technical methods. Self-tapping threads with different hardness of the plate and screw or by a jamming mechanism of the plate and the thread on the screw head.



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