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Dental instruments, dental forceps, root lifters, modeling instruments, probes, spatulas, curettes, tooth cleaners etc.
Dentalinstruments for dental practice. Surgical and dental instruments for dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons,
implantologists and periodontists. Practice supplies, consumables and dental instruments. Orthodontic instruments,
Implantalogy instruments and periodontology instruments. Dental instruments manufacturer. Dentistry.

Instruments dental

In our dental program you will find a wide range of dental instruments, for children and adults.

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Diagnostics, forceps, dental probes, periodontal probes, periodontology, tooth cleaners, scalers, curettes, periodontal knives, tissue forceps, files.
Grindstones, Protector, Extraction, Extraction, Forceps. Hollow chisel forceps, root lifters, syndesmotomes, rotary chisels, prosthodontics.
Modeling instrument, Wax knife, Plaster knife, Spirit lamp, Spatula, Crown scissors, Tin scissors, Copper ring remover pliers, Tetraction thread tamper. Prosthodontia, Crown remover, Preservation, Flexible spatula, Gingival margin slider, Excavators. Matrices, matrix clamps, amalgam guns, cement spatulas, root canal instrument, root canal, tampers, surgery. bone files, scissors, epkers, periotomes, papillae lifters, hammers, mouth, tongue, needle holders, trays, syringes, compasses, mallet and calipers. Dental instruments for the dental practice.


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