U ESR Screw Removal Set

Suitable for broken and cold-welded screws.
Modular, multifunctional implant removal system for orthopedics, traumatology and spine surgery.
For minimally invasive screw removal we offer 6 different sizes of 150 mm long extractors.

The sale of the ESR Screw Removal Set is only possible outside Germany!

Screw Removal Sets


12 different sizes for optimal fitting.

Not a single use product! It can be checked intraoperatively which extractor fits best without incurring costs.

Handle with ratchet function for comfortable working.

Eccentric extractor rod for very tight screws.

Reduces costs and working time.

Information / Products

Everything seems to be well prepared for the removal of a foreign double rod system. But then, a screw plug for which no suitable screwdriver is available or a pedicle screw that does not connect with your tulip screwdriver....
Thanks to our UNIVERSAL EASY SCREW REMOVAL SYSTEM, the described situation will not become an incalculable time factor that will postpone your subsequent operations into the evening. Whether intact or broken pedicle screws or older systems where Schanz screws were still used. With our UNIVERSAL EASY SCREW REMOVAL SYSTEM you have even complicated explantations safely under control.


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