Augmentation und Titanium Pins

Titanium bone plates, titanium bone screws, titanium meshes (meshes), instruments for oral and maxillofacial surgery (FMD). Oral and cranio maxillofacial implants and instruments. Self-tapping and self-tapping bone screws available in the general catalogue. Titanium augmentation refers to medical implants used in cranio maxillofacial osteosynthesis, augmentation and other operations. Titanium plate systems consist of modular components for craniomaxillofacial osteosynthesis, including bone screws, augmentation and titanium pins for, for example, oral and maxillofacial surgery.

  • Oral surgical membrane fixation
  • Titanium pins for membrane fixation, e.g., GTR technology / GBR technology
  • Guided Tissue Regeneration und Guided Bone Regeneration (GTR, GBR)
  • Fixation with micro screws of titanium grids / titanium mesh and autologous bone blocks
  • Construction of jaw ridges for fixing the augmentation
  • Various causes such as tooth loss or tumor resection can lead to smaller or large bone defects on the alveolar crest.
  • Areas of application / indication in implantology, periodontology and reconstructive bone surgery.

Non-absorbable films / barrier films and / or absorbable barrier films (membrane barriers) can be used. Titanium grids offer good dimensional stability, but are not dissolved (absorbed) by the body and must therefore be used during / after regeneration after approx. 4-6 weeks to be removed in a second procedure. We can also offer resorbable membrane fixation materials and bone replacement materials from leading manufacturers.



  • Three-dimensional alveolar ridge reconstruction

  • Bone block fixation system

  • Titanium mesh and microplates

  • Individual composition of the system possible

  • fast, low resorption bone healing

  • possibility of exclusive use of autologous bone

  • low risk of infection

Information / Products

The digimed Medical Technology Reconstruction System meets the requirements of modern implantology.

The atrophied alveolar ridge often causes problems in the case of restoration with endosseous implants due to insufficient bone supply. This can be remedied, among other things, by means of autologous bone grafts.

A simple method of attaching the bone grafts to the jaw is to fix them with microscrews, either directly or using the Titanium microgrid.


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