Premium bone mill dismountable

Medical bone mill for crushing bone tissue. Used to prepare autologous, endogenous or allogeneic, donor bone material for various applications in orthopedics, trauma surgery and dentistry. The ability to disassemble a bone mill thus offers advantages in terms of hygiene, maintenance and adaptation to different requirements in the extraction of autologous bone material.

Bone mill for sterilization dismountable

Bone mills are manufactured and sold by medical technology companies such as digimed Medizintechnik. They are used to crush and process bone tissue. The processing of bone tissue with bone mills is an important part of modern medical technology, especially in orthopaedics and trauma surgery. The prepared material can be used, for example, for filling bone defects. In summary, bone mills are specialized medical devices used to prepare bone tissue for clinical use. The demountable mill in the sterilizable sieve basket also serves as a storage location.

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Specialized in the fields of orthopedics, traumatology and spine, DIGImed Medizintechnik develops innovative products and solutions from which you as a dealer benefit as well as the responsible doctor or the operating roomPersonnel and - beyond the economic and administrative aspect - hospital management. We are not only specialized in the use of surgery on humans, but also on animals. DIGImed instruments are manufactured according to the same human medical products standards.


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