Titanium Locking Plate Systems

Titanium Locking Plate Small & large fragmentation systems (angular stable). Angle-stable osteosynthesis plates and screws (small fragment and large fragment) titanium. Fuse plates have threads in the screw holes that are connected to the thread on the screw head. Angle-stable titanium implants from German production.

Bone plates and associated titanium bone screws for the multidirectional angle-stable connection by means of blocking. The multidirectional blocking method allows a variance of 15 - 18° between angular stable plates and angular stable screw. The thread of the screw head thereby blocks with the bone plate.

Titanium Locking Plate implants

  • Large Fragment
  • Small Fragment
  • DHS / DCS Locking

Informations / Products

Instrument Set, Graphic Case, Screws Set, Plates Set for Small/Large Fragment Titanium Locking. Locking screws 5.0 mm, titanium screws 4.5 mm.
Wide plates, narrow plates, proximal tibia plates, T plates, distal lateral tibia plates, lateral, distal femur buttress plates.

Titanium Screws 3.5 mm and 2.7 mm, Prebend Anatomical Radius Plates, Anatomical T Plates, Volar, Torx / Star bit, Torque screw Driver. Drill guide, Quickcouplig, Kirschner wire, Calcaneus plates, Humerus plates, Humeral plates medial, Dorsolateral, Olecranon, Distal Tibia. Tibia Anterolateral, Clavicle Hook, One Third Tubular, Pre-bend Anatomical Radius.

Titanium implants and implant sets includes small fragment and large fragment bones screws and bone plates. Trays & sterile containers for reprocessing after surgery available separately.


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