Titanium Locking Plate Systems

Titanium Locking Plate Small & large fragmentation systems (angular stable). Angle-stable osteosynthesis plates and screws (small fragment and large fragment) titanium. Fuse plates have threads in the screw holes that are connected to the thread on the screw head. Angle-stable titanium implants from German production.

Bone plates and associated titanium bone screws for the multidirectional angle-stable connection by means of blocking. The multidirectional blocking method allows a variance of 15 - 18° between angular stable plates and angular stable screw. The thread of the screw head thereby blocks with the bone plate.

Titanium Locking Plate implants

  • Large Fragment
  • Small Fragment
  • DHS / DCS Locking

Titanium locking plate systems as an internal fixation system used in orthopedic surgery to fix fractures. In the case of locking plates, locking screws are used, which form an angle-stable construction by locking in the plate holes, instead of relying on the friction between the screw head and bone as in conventional plates.

offers several advantages:

  • Locking plates do not have to be adapted to the bone as precisely, as the angular stable construct is more stable.
  • Compared to conventional plates, fewer screws are needed to achieve the same stability.
  • The rigid fixation minimizes the impairment of the periosteal blood supply and promotes biological healing.

Titanium is used due to its biocompatibility and better strength-to-weight ratio compared to stainless steel.

important components

  • Locking plates with threaded holes to accommodate locking screws
  • Locking screws with threaded heads that snap into the holes of the plate at a fixed angle
  • Non-locking screws can also be used in combination with locking screws

surgical technique

  • Plates are positioned on the bone and temporarily fixed
  • Locked and unlocked screw holes are drilled with guided drill sleeves
  • Screw lengths are measured with the twist drill or depth gauge
  • The locking screws are inserted with a torque-limiting screwdriver to prevent over-tightening

The locking plate design provides a stable, angle-stable construct while maintaining blood supply, allowing for more biological fracture healing compared to traditional compression plate techniques.

Informations / Products

Instrument Set, Graphic Case, Screws Set, Plates Set for Small/Large Fragment Titanium Locking. Locking screws 5.0 mm, titanium screws 4.5 mm.
Wide plates, narrow plates, proximal tibia plates, T plates, distal lateral tibia plates, lateral, distal femur buttress plates.

Titanium Screws 3.5 mm and 2.7 mm, Prebend Anatomical Radius Plates, Anatomical T Plates, Volar, Torx / Star bit, Torque screw Driver. Drill guide, Quickcouplig, Kirschner wire, Calcaneus plates, Humerus plates, Humeral plates medial, Dorsolateral, Olecranon, Distal Tibia. Tibia Anterolateral, Clavicle Hook, One Third Tubular, Pre-bend Anatomical Radius.

Titanium implants and implant sets includes small fragment and large fragment bones screws and bone plates. Trays & sterile containers for reprocessing after surgery available separately.


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