Premium Kerrison Bone Punch Detro-X

Premium Kerrison laminectomy bone punch Detrox with standard foot plate and thin foot inserts with ejector. All inserts with color marking or laser inscription and handle rigid, 360° rotatable or as bayonet handle.

Intended use: The punches may only be used for their intended purpose. The decision on the suitability of the instrument for the intended use - purpose, lies with the user-applicant. We do not accept any liability or guarantee arising from the consequences of incorrect use, care, cleaning / reprocessing and sterilization. The suitability of the instrument used for the intended application according to the intended purpose must be determined by the user / physician. No liability / warranty is assumed due to incorrect use / handling. No liability will also be accepted due to incorrect application of care, cleaning, reprocessing and sterilization. No liability is accepted for damage caused by improper use, e.g. overloading.
Functional test: The inserts and handles of the punches must be subjected to a careful visual and functional test before use.
Cleaning / reprocessing: Please observe our IFU for surgical instruments & the corresponding cleaning / and reprocessing instructions.
Care: All moving parts must be lubricated after cleaning with a care oil approved for surgical instruments.
Sterilization: The instruments are not sterile when delivered and must be sterilized before use.

Advantages of the punch

‌‌ Universal handle, 360° rotatable or as bayonet laminectomy handle
‌‌ Efficient for cleaning and sterilization
‌‌ Rongeur Insert removable and dismountable
‌‌ Use optionally with color marking or laser marking
Inserts as base plate or thin foot
Standard insert 45° and 90° with and without ejector
Thin foot insert 45° and 90° with and without ejector

Information / Products

With interchangeable working ends from 1mm to 5mm, optionally with colour coding or laser marking of the jaw width in MM at the end of the work. You only need a handle for ALL punching inserts, this saves you time and costs! With a click on the punch handle, you release the work element and can remove the end of work in seconds and replace it with a new or different diameter.

Our work ends are available with standard base plate and thin base (also available with ejector) in 45° or 90° angles. Downward cutting also available on request! However, these are no longer needed with the rotating handle, here the normal attachment can be used in conjunction with the 360° rotation handle. We can make you this Premium Kerrison punching system in sizes 7", 8", 9" and 11" inches!

Disassembly and Cleaning

Our punching inserts are standard with
a stainless steel wire rope connected to the cleaning, disassembly and sterilization of a confusion of the related Prevent punching inserts.

This is a patented system.


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