Page 1 - Sterile PTFE and Valve Barrier Containers Systems with Sieve Baskets
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DM   Serie

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                                                                                                                    Stainless  Serie




                                                                                                                    M  Serie
 Fine Mesh Baskets With Lid  DAUD JEE MFG.CO
 Fine Mesh Baskets With Lid Use For Micro
 Surgical Instruments Washing, Sterilization
 And Storage.                                                                                                       Casette  Serie

                                                                                                                    Tray  Serie

       1/1 voll · 3/4 mittel · 1/2 halb · Behälter · Standard-, Sicherheitsmodell · Flach-, Mini-, Dental-, Optik-, Bürsten-, Entnahme-, Kassettenbehälter · Siebkorb
        1/1 Full · 3/4 Middle · 1/2 Half Container · Standard,- Safety Model · Flat, Mini, Dental, Optik, Brush, Removal, Casette Container · Seeve Tray · Basket

                      Valve     Bio Barrier
 Fine Mesh Baskets With Lid  PTFE
 Our Fine Mesh Baskets With Lid Are:
 Manufactured in stainless steel grade AISI-304.  Filtercasetten · Kennzeichnungsschilder · Einlegtücher · Silikonmatten · Einwegpapier/Stofffilter · Stofffilter · Containerklemmen · Indikatorschild · Spannrahmen
 Burr free to protect, wraps and eliminate user injury.  Filter cassettes · identification plates · insertion cloths · silicone mats · disposable paper/cloth filters · container clamps · indicator plate · clamping frame · sieve basket
 Smooth round Edges.
 Top and lid frame wire diameter 3.5 mm and
 04.0 mm (according to the size of baskets).
 Fine mesh with opening square 1.6 mm and
 wire diameter 0.7 mm
 Wire Locking Clip.
 Item Code  Sizes in mm  Item Code  Sizes in mm
 DJ-4343  40X40x20  DJ-4361  240x90x40
 DJ-4344  70x70x30  DJ-4362  240x120x35
 DJ-4345  80x40x20  DJ-4363  275x175x35
 DJ-4346  80x40x30  DJ-4364  280x170x60
 DJ-4347  80x80x34  DJ-4365  250x200x20
 DJ-4348  80x80x40  DJ-4366  300x180x20
 DJ-4349  90x90x50  DJ-4367  200x110x40
 DJ-4350  150x110x20  DJ-4368  225x110x50
 DJ-4351  160x40x20  DJ-4369  235x120x60
 DJ-4352  105x70x25  DJ-4370  270x135x40
 DJ-4353  141x50x40  DJ-4371  280x145x50
 DJ-4354  150x50x35  DJ-4372  400x250x50
 DJ-4355  180x130x20
 DJ-4356  190x85x100
 DJ-4357  200x100x35
 DJ-4358  220x140x50
 DJ-4359  210x170x20
 DJ-4360  235x155x40
              Sterilisation Container Systeme + Siebkörbe
 Many more sizes available on request
                      Filter Casettes PTFE · Valve · Bio Barrier
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